döfix news

döfix News

döfix Space saver backet for autodescend - Zero projection !!!

döfix StraightLine SL - aluminium weightbar with channels and connector chain

döfix floating shades - weightless elegance

döfix versa shroud - shroud tape with integrated pull cord

döfix autodescend - semi automatic shade system

döfix wave tape Flexiwave - Contemporary wave tape with click glides

döfix RFL - iron-on Roman Shade tape with integrated cord shroud

döfix Design Face Plate - Aesthetic aluminium profiles that fit döfix APS tracks or used as amazing base board

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döfix No Sew partners with Workroom Tech in Tryon, NC for professional training

döfix Spacesaver bracket for autodescend shade systemdoefix Space saver bracket

döfix Space saver bracket for autodescend
Only 1" projection. Probably the slimmest Roman shade clutch system available!!!

döfix weightbar StraightLinedoefix StraightLine

döfix aluminium weightbar StraghtLine SL
döfix aluminium weightbar with connector chains. Panels remain organized and cannot get tangled up!!!

döfix Floating shadesdoefix dSchweberollos

döfix floating shades
The döfix floating shades are mounted on 2mm stainless steel wires and appear as they are weightless.

döfix versa-shrouddöfix versa-shroud

döfix versa shroud The ingenious, versatile Roman Shade shroud tape with integrated pullcord

Autodescend shade system
Convenient like a motorized shade, just without the motor.

Wave tape Flexiwave

with our unique production aid adhesive for light transparent fabrics.

Roman shade tape RFL

iron-on Roman Shade tape with integrated cord shroud

döfix DesignFacePlate
döfix Design Face Plates for APS tracks - sophisticated - noble - elegant

new colors available:

- glossy white
- silver brushed
- black brushed