About döfix

döfix - about us

The döfix company is providing drapery workrooms with a special iron-on technique to beautify window treatments. The use of our iron-on products results in professional looking, stitchless, pucker free designs that enhance the look of any window design. döfix also developed a wide variety of specialty products to offer the perfect solution for many problem windows.

döfix No Sew Inc. USA, was founded in 1985 by Günter Döhlemann, a textile chemist, who after 10 years of success in Europe brought this revolutionary iron-on technology to the United States. Today the döfix products are well known and used in over 35 countries.

The secret to the success of our products lies in the particular coating that is used and the high quality weave of the products which are recommended to be applied with a commercial steam iron. All döfix products strongly adhere to fabrics and are therefore washable and dry cleanable.

Always researching and developing new products combined with our ability to provide excellent customer service are important parts of the continued success at döfix.

Regional training seminars, instructional books and educated salespeople sum up the comprehensive training program we offer. Together these elements ensure the highest quality of window treatments for our customers