döfix StraightLinedöfix StraightLine SL

Aluminum weightbar with connector chains - StraightLine SL

Panels remain organized and cannot get tangled up!!!

When opening or closing a sliding panel system, everybody is familiar with the problem of tangled up panels. The individual panels get tangled up and look like a mess.

The new patent pending invention from döfix takes care of this problem. The weighbars StraghtLine have channels which are connected with glides, that keep them organized.

In a few steps, fabrication of panels with the one of a kind iron-on welt strip from döfix is quick and easy.

The weightbar is available in four stylish colours:

- white lacquer
- brushed silver
- brushed titanium
- brushed black

döfix StraightLine
döfix StraightLine SL

StraightLine SL

döfix StraightLine SL

StraightLine SL with welt tape

döfix StraightLine SL

Weightbars are connected with gliding chains to keep them from tangeling up

döfix StraightLine SL

No tangling of the panels

döfix StraightLine SL

The weightbars are connected with glides and chain

döfix StraightLine SL

available in 4 stylish colors

döfix StraightLine SL

StraightLine SL can also be used at the top of the panel as a carrier

döfix StraightLine SL

Simple elegance...